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Chronicle: Publications

Chronicle publishes scientific journals providing news and information for medical practitioners and for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


We are Chronicle Companies, independent creators and distributors of original content for medical practitioners, for the Life Sciences industries, and for the public. 

Since 1995, we reliably provide useful, credible, and innovative information products and services that enable the dissemination and exchange of knowledge directed toward improving the health and quality of life of individuals. 


Planning, organizing, promoting of live events is an emerging core competency of our brand. These include accredited Continuing Medical Educational Events, Specialist Advisory Boards, and Business-to-Business conferences. We approach these activities with professionalism, painstaking attention to detail, and, significantly, access to broad communications channels for redeployment of messages. Chronicle is proud to be an "event-forward" organization.



Chronicle Information Resources Ltd.

1460 The Queensway, Suite 212,

Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1S4

Tel. 866-63-CHRON (24766)

Fax. 1-416-352-6199



Chronicle LifeSci America Corp.

New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences

701 Ellicott St., Suite B2-173D

Buffalo, NY 14203

 716.777.4828 F 800.865.1632


Chronicle provides digital solutions for news and studies for consideration of clinicians, healthcare specialists, and patients. 

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